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Bugging devices are a very important part of almost every well-functioning and well-known Technical Surveillance team. Not only is it an important device used for audio detection, it works great in all the environments and can serve as both audio and video. This is why it makes surveillance immensely easy providing the experts with audio and visual proof. Considering the value of such a menial looking gadget, it is important to know where to find one that is both feasible and can also be relied on for its function. There are various spy shops that now provide a wide range of bugging devices, it is important to know which one to purchase.

There are various types of bugs available in the market. You can pick one that best fits your requirements. The basic two categories are:

1. A wire trap: this is used when one wishes to listen to a conversation held between two people over the phone. The wire trap functions by recording the conversation once it has been installed. The audible message is sent to the nearest listening post where from the detective can record every word as it is received. The only limit to this particular type of a bug is that it cannot be used unless a telephone is involved

The second category is:

2. A Bug: this can be used absolutely anywhere. The main purpose of this device is to pick up on and then record all the audible sounds. It requires a microphone to clearly capture every word being said within its range. This is an immensely minute device, that once installed cannot be detected unless looked for, carefully. Often people attach it in such a manner that it transmits all the voices it picks up on to an external post from where the detective can get the live feed. It works in a similar manner when attached to a camera.

What Kind Of Video Cameras Does A Bug Work With?

There are misconceptions people have and that is that if the bug something with a video camera it might blow their cover. They believe this because of the size of the camera. However, this particular camera is so small in size that it can fit the circumference of a dime. One cannot even see the actual lens of the camera. The only thing visible is the hole through which it captures everything. This particular lens can be as small as just 1 sixteenth of an inch.

People mistake these cameras with the regularly used ones that require a massive battery just to function. These are the ones that can easily be detected from far away. Hence, if you try to bug someone with a normal sized camera, they have to be a real fool not to catch you. The surveillance cameras that can be bugged can easily be fit into minor otherwise insignificant things such as a clock, a book, and eye of a stuffed toy, radios, and other similar places. They can hardly ever be detected.

Sometimes a video camera cannot be bugged unless it is wired to the center. On the other hand, there are some that are wireless. These are the ones usually installed in places where the recording has to be done under surveillance. At the center they are connected with a recorder, speaker and a monitor. This allows constant sounds and video throughout the time it is being used. If you wire a camera then it can be found simply by tracing the wires wherever they go. And if you want to detect a hidden camera, you can do so by flashing a torch at it. Just make sure to keep one eye close as the camera reflects the light back. If you do not, you may not be able to tell the difference.

Power Source

Remember that no matter which device you are using to bug a place, it will absolutely have a power source. There is no bugging device, hard wired or wireless, that works without a power source. There are two possible sources:

1. A telephone line or

2. A battery.

Hence, if you are worried that someone might have bugged you, look for strange wires in your car that were not there before. If you do not see any wires, this does not mean you are not bugged. The next smart thing is to check the battery of the car. Chances are, if the bug being used is wireless, it is deriving its source from the car's battery. This is how you can easily find the bug and its power source.

Bugs At Home

There are various reasons one is required to bug their homes. However, at the same time there are many incentives for people to bug your house too. It is rather simple to bug a house as opposed to an office environment or a vehicle. It can cheaply be achieved with the help of an activated digital recorder that is immensely minute in size. Once it has been purchased, it is installed with the telephone line and all the conversations, both in and out can be recorded with minimum to no glitches. Though this may take a minute or more to be installed, in today's technological world there are found devices that take less than aa few seconds to be installed and start functioning. You can simply drop the device and it begins to pick up the desired signals and provide you with the recordings at the end of the day. You are just required to know the procedure of attaching it with your computer and retrieving recorded information.

Bugs in Toys

Sometimes when single working women or even parents hire a nanny, they bug the child's room. This bug is commonly placed in a stuffed toy. This allows parents to keep an eye on the stranger taking care of the child and thus stay on top of the well-being of their kid while being far away.

Bugs in Phones

Sometimes people bug cell phones to keep a track of all the phone calls being made, text messages being sent and received and even saved emails and pictures. This is perhaps the one thing that can readily and easily be bugged by anyone who knows the drill. The bugs for cell phones are very conveniently available and very hard to detect once they have been installed. They are wireless and their power source is the battery of your phone. Hence, if you are ever suspicious of your phone being bugged, simply remove the battery. On the other hand, if your home line is bugged, it is most likely hard wired, so follow the new line that has randomly appeared and you will find the source. All you have to do is remove and replace it.

It is not always allowed by a State to detect one's personal conversations using a bug. It can easily be considered a crime especially if the bug was installed for personal reasons and to harm an individual. If anyone ever finds a bug, they are even required to hand it to the authorities. Hence, be careful when using it and know if your requirement is legal. However, if you are the victim, it is best to get the authorities involved before any damage prevails.

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