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TSCM Services - Technical Surveillance Counter Measures

As the pace of technology advances, so do the concerns about security and information integrity. Globally, there are organisations that incorporate tight security and surveillance systems protect sensitive information from leaking out. People with malicious intent can easily breach security measures and steal classified or private data or information, therefore security needs to be upgraded. This is where Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) comes in. TSCM services are used for debugging and uncovering any flaws or malfunctions that may potentially lead to a security breach, putting crucial information in the wrong hands.

The field of TSCM is constantly evolving; thus, it is imperative for TSCM companies to adapt and evolve as well. The staff, the security measures, the hardware devices used in delivering TSCM services should keep on improving and incorporating fast-paced technology.

TSCM UK offers debugging or TSCM services to clients scattered all across the globe. We deliver services to people and organisations in all fields and industries. Our clients include banks and financial corporations, leading law firms, security agencies, and intelligence bureaus. As an eminent supplier of TSCM services, we invest heavily in the latest counter measures technology and equipment, and incorporate all the latest debugging trends.

We maintain a complete user guide in which we answer any questions our clients have and also provide useful information about sweeps. This is for the benefit of potential clients.

One of our strongest counter espionage services in the TSCM sweeps we conduct. We believe such sweeps should form an integral part of an organization's security policy, and should be carried out randomly over the year.

It is very important that those who offer TSCM services have the training and expertise to conduct thorough bug sweeps and debugging. Our team of TSCM personnel have experience in the fields of military intelligence, IT, Computer and Network security, telecommunications and software engineering. They have the knowhow to operate highly technical military specification tools and equipment, which enable them to uncover covert listening devices, wiretaps and hidden cameras. Moreover, our team is fully knowledgeable about the ISO/IEC 27001 policy under which TSCM sweeps should be conducted. We are here to help you should you have any confusion regarding this policy.

TSCM UK offer our clients a wide range of TSCM services, which are both thorough and yield highly reliable and conclusive results. Here are some of our most coveted services:

- Security of data storage

- Communication encryption

- TSCM sweeps, scans and inspections

- Training of staff

- Security reviews, both internal and external

A good TSCM sweep is extensive, and typically involves the following steps:

- Scour and scan the room for any devices that use radio frequencies to transmit and generate RF footprint of the location, and then assess RF spikes in order to ensure they are secure.

- Inspect and examine all the electrical and hardware devices thoroughly, both physically and electronically. The entire IT infrastructure should also be subjected to thorough checks, for all kinds of �hardwired� malicious devices, including cameras or microphones. Each socket and handset is scrutinized under an exhaustive investigation.

- Sweep and scan the ceilings, floors, walls, ducts and vents for any suspicious objects, wiring, and discarded device.

TSCM reports

To keep you apprised of the investigation, our staff will prepare a full TSCM report about your company's existing security structure and recommendations as to make it more secure. We offer reasonable and cost-effective security solutions that our clients can easily meet.

Education and training

All clients who may be interested in acquiring training for key personnel or senior management can contact our website strEmail which offers counter espionage lectures and courses to facilitate your internal security setup.

Want to purchase TSCM equipment?

Want to make your company more secure by acquiring TSCM equipment? We are here to discuss options and to help your make the most favorable purchase.

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